Ava – Week #34

I bet you didn’t know that over 1,00000 miles in space there was a war going on. High up in the sky was a spaceship. In it were only a box, chair, leaf and a picture of the sky on Earth, and also a raccoon and an elephant. The two animals were brothers, but not as we know it. The brothers got on well until their supplies began to run out. They then battled, but the raccoon liked to play dirty, so he kicked his brother out into space. Oh no! His brother was never seen again…. or was he?

One thought on “Ava – Week #34

  1. Hi Ava,
    Firstly can I say what an incredible imagination you have, elephants and raccoons in space!
    I also loved all the details that you included, the description of the inside of the space and the fact that the elephant and raccoon were “brothers” who began to fight when supplies started to run out, a basic need that has caused many a fight. Finally I loved the cliffhanger ending, will the elephant be back?
    Keep writing!


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